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Organizational strategy is the discipline and expertise that converts strategic intent into organizational capability, commitment and performance.

Why organizational strategy matters So what is organizational strategy anyway? Implementing effective organizational strategy

Six key questions that organizational strategists ask:

How should we best structure and organize to be able to deliver strategy?

What capabilities do we need to improve upon or to add in order to deliver strategy?

How do we build a high performance/high commitment workforce good enough to deliver strategy?

How do we create an operating environment suitable to deliver strategy?

How do we sharpen our competitive edge and best leverage our capabilities to deliver differentiated value?

How do we assure synergy of operation and action?

There are no straightforward answers. But these are vital questions to debate and ultimately answer in order to develop an organization capable of delivering strategy.

Charlesmore's seasoned organizational strategy consultants help clients design and detail the organizational requirements needed to meet their strategic and operating plans, with particular concentration on the structures, competencies, practices, interfaces and culture needed to establish and improve competitive advantage.

Our model for organizational strategy development.

Organizational strategy engagements include organization strategy development, organizational redesign, turnarounds and restructuring, change management, organizational alignment, culture assessment and development, merger/acquisition integration.


Organization design

Effective organizations deliver outputs that meet defined strategies.

We help clients devise structures that are aligned with and enable strategy, work designs that maximize workforce performance, practices that help change the behavior of employees and management processes that develop human potential, commitment and performance.

Our model for integrative organization design.

Change management

Without doubt, today's ever-quickening cycle of change is unprecedented. Change today is faster, more erratic, more elemental than ever before. Navigating successfully through change is probably the most difficult task facing today's business leaders. 41% of change projects fail and of the 59% that “succeed” only half meet the expectations of senior management. 

Our model for implementing sustaining organizational change

The most difficult aspects of business change, such as engaging staff in the cause and changing behaviors and outcomes are critical to sustainable success. We understand this, and have developed a globally-successful model for planning, implementing, managing and sustaining change. 

Culture development

It is a testimony to our naiveté about culture that we think that we can change it simply by declaring new values. Deep beliefs and assumptions can only change as experience changes, and when this happens, culture changes.

A culture aligned with strategic objectives is one of the most powerful tools that an executive team can wield, and research has clearly demonstrated that strong and strategy-aligned cultures achieve significantly better business results. Using reliable and statistically valid diagnostic tools Charlesmore helps clients assess the cultural profile of their business, and develop and implement strategies that build cultural bench-strength and strategy-alignment into their organization.


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